HMS Spring Reading Challenge & HMS Choice Board

HMS Spring Reading Challenge & HMS Choice Board
Posted on 03/16/2020
HMS will be offering a Spring Reading Challenge while we are out on the break. If you choose to participate, you will log a minimum of 500 minutes or more of reading time during our break. Once you have met the requirements, you may e-mail me your log, or you may drop it off to me in the media center when we return to school.  The dates for the spring reading challenge will be from March 16th to March 30th. Once you have met the requirements, you will receive an invitation from me to the HMS Spring Reading Rewards Party.

You may use the Get Georgia Reading Program to help complete your 500 minutes - Which is a free reading program that helps keep students learning and reading all summer long!
In partnership with Get Georgia Reading, Renaissance is providing free access to thousands of enhanced digital books and engaging daily news articles. 
The myON library includes more than 6,400 enhanced digital books, with titles for
a wide range of reading levels and in diverse genres, including fiction, nonfiction,
and graphic novels.
• myON News provides five age-appropriate articles, Monday through Friday, on US
and world events, arts, and entertainment, sports, science, and technology.
Getting started is easy!
1. Go to to login
and start reading.
a. School Name: Get Georgia Reading
(Type the first few letters and select from the
drop-down menu)
b. Username: lowndescounty
c. Password: read
2. Click the Sign In button and start reading!

Unlimited, free access will be provided until school closures end and students are able to return to the classroom. 
You may e-mail me if you have any questions. 
Mrs. Stalvey

HMS is committed to ensuring your child has the resources to continue learning, despite the uncontrollable circumstances. All activities are optional. They can be accessed by clicking "PRESENT" in the slideshow, and clicking on the area you'd like to explore. 

A picture of the HMS Choice Board

Click here to access the HMS Choice Board